Gift Cube With Handel


Gift Cube With Handel


Item No. 50165

6 types of specialty biscuits, total weight

»Premium chocolate Elisen duo, 160 g

»»Premium Marzipan-Elisen-Lebkuchen,

chocolate coated, 275 g

»»Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen bars, assorted, 125 g

»»Fairytale House, filled with chocolate coated

Lebkuchen hearts, 150 g, and a fairytale

»»Spicy Speculatius Biscuits, 125 g

»»Dürer Bread, with milk chocolate base, 200 g

»»Shipping weight: approx. 3.09 lbs

»»Size: 20 x 20 x 15,5 cm (without handle)

»»Material: High-quality paper board

»»Feinstes Schoko-Elisen-Duo, 160 g

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